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Hi good people!

Do you know that breakfast is an important component in starting your day? YES! After a night of sleep, of course, you need to refill “fuel” before starting your daily activities. Your body needs an energy source that can help you to think focused and stay awake all day, yes, at least until lunchtime.

Besides that, what are the importance of breakfast?

  1. Helps the brain work better
  2. Make the body excited
  3. Forming enzymes
  4. Calm (avoid dizziness from hunger)


What kind of menu is good for breakfast?

Choose a menu that contains sufficient carbohydrate and vitamin values ​​such as bread, eggs, fruit, milk, cereals and vegetables. Remember, do not choose the breakfast menu that is too heavy or filling. Instead of being awake, it will quickly become sleepy.

Well, among you may have or often skip breakfast. The reason? Waking up late, in a hurry, or maybe lazy to prepare because it’s too complicated. That’s what underlies the making of instant breakfast products such as cereal and chicken porridge. But the same menu every day can definitely make you bored too. It would be more fun if you could make a varied, interesting, healthy, and certainly easy breakfast menu.

Don’t you worry! has a solution for you. See the explanation below.

3 IN 1 breakfast machine. Yes, this machine is in great demand, especially for you want to make a varied breakfast without any hassle. READY IN 5 MINUTES! Yes! Just plug in, let the engine work while you can prepare other things to start your day.

This product has many types of variants, ranging from shapes to components. Can be adjusted to your needs for sure.

Below are some variations of the breakfast machine


  • Voltage: 220V/50Hz
  • Rated power: 1200W
  • Baking pan power: 800W
  • Cooking pot power: 400W
  • Color: Pink/ Blue/ Red/ Black


  • Baking oven: 5L       
  • Cooking pot: 1L (depth:8cm)
  • Fry pan: 15cm(diameter)*3.6cm(depth)
  • Baking Grill: 17.5*13cm
  • Machine size: 392x256x245mm


  • Oven capacity: 9L
  • Oven power: 600WProduct size: 45*18*19cm
  • Coffee machine power: 450W (kapasitas +/- 4 cangkir)
  • Product weight: about 4.6kg
  • Oven temperature range: 100~230degC
  • Rated voltage: 220V~50Hz
  • Oven time setting: 30 minutes

Products like the example above have been introduced since the beginning of last year in several Asian countries such as Japan, China, Korea, and eventually expanded to Indonesia. Unfortunately, this product has not been directly produced in Indonesia, so it requires us to order online from abroad.

But worry-free, good people. is the best online shopping platform solution to meet your needs including this 3 in 1 breakfast machine. Apart from being safe and fast in shipping, is the only online shopping platform that is free of shipping costs to anywhere in the world. WOW!

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