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Minimalist room design is currently a favorite choice for all people. It has a display that is simple but still functional without leaving the impression of luxury and elegance.

Material selection is usually also more towards environmentally friendly products (eco-friendly) which are certainly also friendly in the pocket means low-budget

If you plan to redecorate the room or just start building, let’s take a peek at the tips below and make your room cool!


The concept itself is called minimalist, meaning we have to choose a color of wall paint/wallpaper that is not striking. With the aim to be easily combined with other supporting furniture.

Basic colors as below can be an option for a minimalist theme

  • Light & dark grey
  • Black
  • White
  • Light & dark brown
  • Beige

Try to choose a plain wall paint color without any motif as well as the wallpaper. If you really prefer using a motif, you can choose minimalist motifs such as striped.


Choose lights with a dimmer color like yellow, not white. If you want to use white lights, you can use a lampshade so that it’s not too bright. You can make your own lamps by utilizing easily available materials such as wood or scrap metal that are still in good condition so you can also save costs.

Your room can also be decorated with decorative lighting or commonly known as Christmas lights. Your room will become more colorful.


There are various choices of floor types that can certainly be adjusted to your wishes and budget.

Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, of course. Let’s look at the following explanation:

  • Parquet Floor

Natural motifs offered by this flooring type can be an option. In addition, the price that is still affordable, parquet floors are also sturdy and durable. Parquet floors are also easy to clean. However, parquet floors have the disadvantage of making noise when stepped on and slippery.


  • Bamboo Flooring

This type of flooring is known to have durable strength. Apart from continuing to use natural ingredients directly from bamboo itself, bamboo floors are also safe to use because it does not cause any allergic reactions.

However, bamboo flooring also has the disadvantage that it will quickly fade if exposed to direct sun exposure and will be easily damaged if exposed to water continuously.

  • Ceramic Floor

Still, always be a mainstay until now. In addition to being affordable, ceramic flooring is one of the easiest to clean. Ceramic flooring is also very suitable for tropical climates such as Indonesia, giving the impression of cool and cold.

Choose a neutral ceramic floor color the same as wall paint so it still accentuates the minimalist concept.

Here are 3 examples of floor types that you can choose for your room design. Each type of floor has advantages and disadvantages ranging from price to quality. To be sure always adjust to the needs and budget you have.



  • Bedding

Choose a mattress that uses eco-friendly materials such as wood or scrap metal. Natural motifs on both materials will add a simple impression but still elegant.

  • Wardrobe

To save some space, make a cabinet that is embedded in the wall or can use alternatives such as clothes rack.

  • Chair & Table

To match the walls and floor, choose a chair and table color with a neutral color but not dark. For example light brown.
Can also use materials such as wood and bamboo which have natural colors.


  • Artificial Plants

Also called a decorative/fake ornamental plant. Made of plastic material with a variety of colors and shapes of leaves that are equipped with small white pots that will clearly beautify your room.

This artificial plant can be placed on a work table as decoration

  • Frame Photo

Use wooden frames or make your own frames from tape material can create a minimalist impression that is increasingly prominent

  • Mat/ Carpet

Choose a bright neutral color and try to contrast with the color of the floor itself. White or black can be a sweet choice for your room.

Well, that was 5 basic tips that can give you a minimalist decorating idea for your room.

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Good luck guys ..